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Welcome to the masterlist.

Now 100% more Master-Approved!

ganked with gratitude from heartoutofstone

Vaguely chronologically, sorted by fandom or purpose and by pairing or characters:



Copper-Coated Angel, OC, PG-13

Getting a Life, Draco/Hermione, PG-13
Christmas Spirit, Draco/Hermione, PG
Perhaps, Draco/Hermione, G
In Check, Draco/Hermione, G
Entirely Independently, Draco/Hermione, G
Linked Together, Draco/Hermione, G
The Full Set, Draco/Hermione, PG
Rationality, Draco/Hermione, PG-13
Betelgeuse, Draco/Hermione, G
Hex and the City, Draco/Hermione, PG

The Hour of the Wolf, Remus, Sirius, Peter, James/Lily, PG-13
Waiting, Sirius, PG-13
Masquerade, Sirius/OC, PG-13
Going for Broke, Sirius, Andromeda, PG-13
Apologies, Sirius, Remus, PG-13
Sacrifices, Marauders, PG-13
Silverfish, Sirius, PG
Instant, Remus, Sirius, James, Peter, PG

Damn, Lupin/Tonks, PG
Awake, Lupin/Tonks, G
He Knows, Lupin/Tonks, G
Nymphadora Tonks Hates Christmas, Lupin/Tonks, PG
The Dangers of Over-Hearing, Lupin/Tonks, PG-13
Pink, Lupin/Tonks, PG-13
Indisputable, Lupin/Tonks, PG
Buyer's Remorse, Lupin/Tonks, PG
Running, Lupin/Tonks, G
Saint Sirius, Lupin/Tonks, PG-13
A Little Wild, Lupin/Tonks, PG

Why I Will Marry Lucius Malfoy If It Kills Me, Lucius/Narcissa, G
A Thousand Tiny Sighs, Narcissa, G

Porcelain, Draco, G
Ophelia, Pansy, G
In Blood, Regulus, PG-13
Introductions, Draco, G
Cornered, Draco, PG

Trevor the Toad, Matchmaker, Neville/Luna, G

Perchance to Dream, Draco, R

May 2, 2002, Lupin/Tonks, Sirius, Teddy, G

Smoke and Moonlight, Remus/Sirius, R
Don't Cha Stop, Remus/Sirius, PG-13
Like a Lunatic, Remus/Sirius, PG
Slate-Blue, Remus/Sirius, G

Saturday Night, James/Sirius, PG

Into Girls, Ginny/Hermione, PG


I Can't, Axel/Roxas, PG-13
Pretend, Axel/Roxas, PG-13
Shatter, Axel/Roxas, PG
Prehistoric Punch, Axel/Roxas, PG-13
Reaper, Axel/Roxas, PG-13


Not-Knowing, Erik/Samuel, G

They Both, Charles/Jay, PG
Pretty, Charles/Jay, PG-13
Doormat, Charles/Jay, PG

Caterpillars (and Butterflies), Josh/Metis, G


Struck, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Rubble, Matt/Mello, PG
Czech Mate, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Recorded History, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Ruin, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Drinking the Dark, Matt/Mello(/Near), G
Anything at All, Matt/Mello, PG
Air, Matt/Mello, PG
Enlightenment, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Safe, Matt/Mello, G
Sentimental Feelings, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Dear Mello, Matt/Mello, Near, PG-13
Red Skinny Jeans, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Shameless, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Okay, Matt/Mello, PG
February First, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Cancer Sticks and Rain, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Friday the Thirteenth, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Matt/Mello, G
Shooting Stars, Matt/Mello, G
King Midas, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Crayons, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Marshmallow Peeps, Matt/Mello, PG
Karma, Matt/Mello, PG
Little Red Riding Hood, Matt/Mello, G
Let Me Enlighten You, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Why So Serious?, Matt/Mello, PG
Funny, Kind Of, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Nevermore, Matt/Mello, PG
Almost Perfect, Matt/Mello, PG-13
The Cloud Forest, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Affirmation, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Silver, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Garden, Matt/Mello, G
Chocolate First, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Foul Deeds, Matt/Mello, PG-13
28 Days, Matt/Mello, PG-13
The Last Word, Matt/Mello, PG
With and For, Matt/Mello, PG
The Trigger, Matt/Mello, PG
Sprinkles, Matt/Mello, PG-13
And Now, Matt/Mello, G
Mocha, No Whip, Ex. Choc Sauce, Matt/Mello, PG
A Slightly Drunk Matt's Guide to Mello (and Other Holiday Activities), Matt/Mello, PG-13

Give an Inch, Matt/girl!Mello, R

Walked-On, Mello/girl!Matt, PG

White, Mello/Near, PG
Green and Gold, Mello/Near, PG
All Washed-Up, Mello/Near, PG
Cues, Mello/Near, PG-13
Full of Surprises, Mello/Near, R
Sidetracked, Mello/Near, R
Loser, Mello/Near, G
Ice, Mello/Near, PG

Inexplicable Occurrences, Mello/girl!Near, R

Telephones, Matt/Near, PG-13
In It, Matt/Near, PG
Feverish, Matt/Near, G

Dumb Luck, Matt/Mello/Near, PG
Pure Chance, Matt/Mello/Near, R
Superfly, Matt/Mello/Near, PG
Don't Stop Me Now, Matt/Mello/Near, PG-13
Necessary Evils, Matt/Mello/Near, G

Unhateable, Mello/girl!Matt/girl!Near, PG-13

Treasure, Matt, Mello, G
Puzzles, Near, Matt, G
Comfort, L, Matt, Mello, Near, G
Certainty, Near, Mello, G
Shades of White, Near, PG-13
Observation, Matt, Mello, G
Flight, Near, G
Snow, Mello, Matt, G
All Dials Set to Spin Cycle, Matt, Near, Mello, G
Over, Mello, Matt, PG-13
In Difference, Near, PG-13
Boycott, Matt, Mello, PG

The End Is Near, Light/L, Matt/Mello, PG-13
Concessions and Tea, Near, Mello, Matt, L/Light, PG
Intoxicated, Matt/Mello, Light/L, Mikami/Gevanni/Near, R
The Hunt, Matt/Mello/Near, Light/L, PG-13

Bravery, Light, L, PG
Plans, Light, G
Screens, L, G
Dear, Light, G
Logical, Light, L, G
Friend, Light, L, G
Flukes, Light, L, PG
Shaken, Light, PG
Coffee Break, Light, L, PG
Starting, Light, Matsuda, G
Decisions, Light, L, G
Inflammation, L, Light, G

Moonrise, Light/L, PG
The Dawn of Remembered Time, Light/L, PG-13
Any Way You Want It, Light/L, R
This, Light/L, PG
Temporally Disinclined, Light/L, PG
Of Golden Gates and Cable Cars, Light/L, PG-13
By and By, Light/L, PG-13
Unlikely Phenomena, Light/L, PG
Fidgeting, L/Light, PG-13
Jericho, Light/L, PG-13
Easily Entertained, Light/L, PG
Jokers Wild, Light/L, PG-13
The Taste, Light/L, G
Caveat Emptor, L/Light, PG-13
Bananas, Light/L, PG
Heaven-Sent Hypocrisy, Light/L, PG
Perverted, L/Light, PG
Chocolate Always Loves You Back, Light/L, PG-13
The Point, Light/L, PG-13
Christmas Cookies, L/Light, PG
Perilous, L/Light, PG
On a Boat, L/Light, PG
Back Words, L/Light, PG
3:19 AM, L/Light, PG
Dreamt Of, Light/L, G

Window, Tree, Matsuda/Sayu, Light/L, PG

Portia, Misa, Light, L, PG
Flowers, Misa, G

Home, Aizawa, G

God, Mikami, PG

Frail, Watari, PG
Necessity, Watari, L, PG

Six Drabbles: Valentine's Day 2009, L/Mello, G; Matt/Mello, PG; L/Light, PG; Mikami/Misa, G; Naomi/B, PG; Light/L/Matsuda, PG
Pick-Up: 52 One-Sentence Fics, Matt/Mello, Light/L, Mello/Near, etc. and so on, PG

Two Letters, L/Mello, PG-13
Windfall, L/Mello, PG

Touché, Mido/Namikawa, R

Fair, Mello/Light, R

Firsthand, Light/Mikami, PG-13

The Best, Matsuda/Mikami, PG

Inhumane, Near/Mikami, PG

Then Again, Gevanni/Near, PG
Dead People, Gevanni/Near, Matt/Mello, L/Light, PG-13
A Train and a Tangle, Gevanni/Near, PG


The Microfic Meme, Arthur/Merlin, PG
Attraxion, Arthur/Merlin, PG
Inevitability, Arthur/Merlin, PG-13
Venison, Arthur/Merlin, (Gwen/Morgana), PG
Collective Bed of Sin, Arthur/Merlin, PG-13
Trench-Coats and Neckerchiefs, Arthur/Merlin, PG-13
Despite All Evidence to the Contrary, Arthur/Merlin, PG
Rosemary, Arthur/Merlin, PG-13
Wassailing, Arthur/Merlin, PG
Labyrinthine, Arthur/Merlin, G
The Keeper, Arthur/Merlin, G
The Best Morning in Camelot's Long and Illustrious History, Arthur/Merlin, PG
Arthur the Explorer, Arthur/Merlin, PG-13
Death by Squirrel, Arthur/Merlin, PG-13
The Piast Predicament, Arthur/Merlin, PG
It Started at the Frat Party, Arthur/Merlin, PG-13
Chain Mail, Arthur/Merlin, R
Sweeter Dreams, Arthur/Merlin, PG-13
The Powers That Be, Arthur/Merlin, PG
Clotpolishness, Arthur/Merlin, R
Light and Dark, Arthur/Merlin, PG

Inadequacies, girl!Arthur/girl!Merlin, G

Generosity, Arthur/Merlin/Will, PG-13

Taking the Stairs, Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine/Merlin, PG-13


One by One, Ten/Jethro, PG-13
All Right, Ten/Jethro, PG-13
Where the Heart Is, Ten/Jethro, PG

Pieces, Nine/Rose, G

Give and Take, Eight, Nine, Rose, PG

Ses Yeux, Ten/Rose, G
Where Dogs Have No Noses, Ten/Rose, G
Sorry, Ten/Rose, PG
Trouble, Ten/Rose, PG

The Puppet Show, Jack/Ten, PG-13
One's Enough, Jack/Ten, R

A Stray Javelin, Jack, PG

Meanwhile, at 10 Downing Street, Master/Ten, PG-13
Commonality, Master/Ten, Koschei/Theta, G
Silk and Strangulation, Master/Ten, PG-13
Thinking Men, Master/Ten, PG
The Worst Ghost, the Master, Koschei/Theta, PG
Like Old Times, Master/Ten, Koschei/Theta, PG-13
To Dive Into the Fire, Master/Ten, PG-13
Bumper's Last Stand, Master/Ten, PG-13
Sanctuary, Master/Ten, PG
Syzygy, Master/Ten, Harry/John, PG-13
Forever (and Forgotten), Master/Ten, PG

Masterminds, Master/Light Yagami, PG-13
Once More Unto the Beach, Master, Ten, (Matt, Mello, Near), PG-13

Wax, Sarah Jane, G

Deep Down, Martha, G
Just Calling, Martha, Ten, G

Noble and Jones, Martha, Donna, Ten, G

Somebody, Donna, G
The Not-So-Christmas Special, Ten & Donna, PG

Frost, Ten, Jethro, and Donna, featuring Adrian, PG

Deliberately Uncreative, Eleven/Jeff, R

Prefix, Eleven/Amy/Rory, PG

Red Feathers, Thirteen, River Song, PG


Going Jack, Jack/Ianto, PG
Jack Is, Jack/Ianto, PG
Jack of All Trades, Jack/Ianto, G
The World in Jack and White, Jack/Ianto, PG-13
Being Jack, Jack/Ianto, PG-13
When in Wales, Jack/Ianto, PG
Jackknife, Jack/Ianto, PG
Bayside, Jack/Ianto, G

Tea with Jack, Jack/Ten/Ianto, PG-13

Irish Cream, Tosh, Ianto, PG


Healthy Debate, America, England, Obama, PG


Third Time Lucky, Karofsky/Kurt, R

Holy Freaking Shit, Dave, Santana and Karofsky, PG-13


An Unexpected Outing, Roy/Hawkeye, G
Prioritization, Roy/Hawkeye, PG
Several Related Cases of Heinous Arboreal Homicide, Roy/Hawkeye (with past Hughes/Roy), PG-13

Predawn, Hughes/Roy, PG-13
Tasteful, vampire!Hughes/Roy, R
Happenings, Hughes/Roy, PG-13

Good Soldiers, girl!Roy/girl!Ed and girl!Roy/dude!Hawkeye with Al, PG-13

Wounds That Heal, Roy, Ed, & Al, PG
The Mustache Mission, Ed, Al, Hawkeye, Havoc, Fuery, Falman, Breda, Roy, PG
Insomnia, Roy & Ed, PG
Sin to Win, Roy, Hawkeye, Havoc, Breda, Fuery, Falman, Armstrong, Hughes, Ed, Al, PG
The Fine Art of Survival, Ed, Al, Izumi, Sig, Roy, Team Mustang, PG-13
For Keeps, Roy & Ed, PG
Convection, Hawkeye & Roy, PG

A Father-Son Thing, Hohenheim, Al, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Social Time, Hohenheim/Trisha, Roy/Ed, Fuery/Al, PG-13

Simple Things, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Pillow Talk, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Pretty Good Company, Roy/Ed, R
Getting Off Easy, Roy/Ed, R
Leading the Blind, Roy/Ed, R
And the Night Inside, Roy/Ed, PG-13
In the Shadow of Your Heart, Roy/Ed, PG-13
States of Matter, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Spectacular, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Commemoration, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Coffee It Is, Roy/Ed, PG-13
And Found, Roy/Ed, PG
Seulement, Roy/Ed, PG-13
The Fourth Year, Roy/Ed, PG-13
On Ne Joue Jamais Avec Les Coeurs, Roy/Ed, PG-13
No Dawn, No Day, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Crossed, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Dynamo, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Diplomatic Excursions and Other Ways to Die, Roy/Ed, R
They Have All Been Blown Out, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Unwound, Roy/Ed, Ed/Hei, PG-13
Shrapnel, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Fulfillment, Roy/Ed, PG-13
The End of Ordinary, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Mating Patterns of the Wild Mustang, Roy/Ed with Al, PG-13
Courtship Ritual Roulette, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Fired, Roy/Ed, PG-13
New Tricks, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Dicey, Roy/Ed, PG
Postscript [unofficial Ink epilogue], Roy/Ed, PG-13
Hard-Pressed, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Smoke, Roy/Ed, PG
Light, Roy/Ed, PG
Heat, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Doing Romance, Roy/Ed, PG-13
To Make the Sun Shine, Roy/Ed, R
No Comment, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Tradition, Roy/Ed, PG
Mysteries of the Universe, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Sappily Ever After, Roy/Ed, PG-13
A Wicked Game, Roy/Ed, Winry/OC, Maes/Gracia, Ling/everybody, R
Systole, Roy/Ed, PG-13
A Day Is Going to Come, Roy/Ed, PG
Between Peril and Home, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Loud and Clear, Roy/Ed, R
Right as Rain, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Plus Tax, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Circumstantial, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Foal Play, Roy/Ed, PG
Thermodynamics, Roy/Ed, R
Head Over Heels, Roy/Ed, PG
Phantasmagoria, Roy/Ed, PG-13 (Mud Grave 'verse)
Epistolary, Roy/Ed, PG (Mud Grave 'verse)
Dichlorodiethyl Sulfide, Roy/Ed, PG-13 (Mud Grave 'verse)
Melodious, Roy/Ed, PG
Flying Horses, Roy/Ed, PG
Hands and Hearts, Roy/Ed, PG
Day Seven, [sequel to Wicked Game], Roy/Ed, PG-13
But Not Buried This Time, Roy/Ed, R
The Waterfall, [another sequel to Wicked Game], Roy/Ed, PG-13
Winging It, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Ferrocerium, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Choose Your Own Rainbow, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Spectra, Roy/Ed with Al, PG-13
Coal and Carbon, Roy/Ed, PG
Speechless, Roy/Ed, R
Difficult to Argue, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Miscellanea, Roy/Ed, PG
Be Nice, Brother; It's Christmas, Roy/Ed, PG-13 [sequel to Flying Horses]
Mistaken, Roy/Ed, R

Like Whiskey, girl!Roy/girl!Ed, R
Check and Checkmate, girl!Roy/girl!Ed, girl!Al/epic, PG
Easy, girl!Roy/girl!Ed, R

Qualified, transgirl!Ed/anyone she wants, PG-13

Raining Cats and Dogs, Roy/neko!Al, PG-13

Extracurricular Activities, Roy/Ed/Al (and Roy/Hawkeye, and…), PG-13
Collaboration, Roy/Ed/Al, PG-13
Halfway-Decent, Roy/Ed/Al, R
Diamond, Roy/Ed/Al, PG-13
With the Devil on Your Back, Roy/Ed/Al, PG-13
The Prevailing State of Things, Roy/Ed/Al, PG-13
Today-Tonight-Now, Roy/Ed/Al, PG-13
Purrtinent Objections, Roy/Ed/Al, PG-13

Frozen Flame, Roy/Ed, Roy/Al, Ed/Al, Ed/Hei, R
Melt, Roy/Ed/Al/Hei, PG-13
Bloodlines, Team Mustang, Al, PG-13
Horror Vacui, Roy/Al, PG-13

The Specialist, Ed/Hei, sorta Roy/Hei, PG
Never Fade Away [DW crossover], Ed/Hei, Hughes, Tenth Doctor, PG
If You Promise Not to Fade Away [DW crossover], Ed/Hei, Al, Hughes, Tenth Doctor, Jack, PG
Antimatter for the Master Plan [Killjoys AU], Ed/Hei with Al, PG-13

Matter, Ed/Hei, G
11.2 km/s, Ed/Hei, Roy/Ed, PG-13
Any Day, Ed/Hei & Al, PG
Fegefeuer, Ed/Hei(/Al) & Russell, PG-13 [collab with lavaliere]
The Warmest Thing in Winter, Ed/Hei, PG-13
Repair, Ed/Hei, PG-13
Edification, Ed/Hei, PG-13
Good Nights, Ed/Hei, PG
The Worst Trip Ever, Ed/Hei, PG
Magnitude and Force, Ed/Hei, PG

Void, demisexual!Ed (hints of Roy/Ed), PG
Summer, demisexual!Ed (proto-Roy/Ed), PG-13
Kindling, demisexual!Ed (proto-Roy/Ed), PG-13
Heartbeat, demisexual!Ed (Roy/Ed), PG-13

Just Sounds Better, Ed & Al, G
Softer Than It Looks, Ed & Al, G
Simple Explanations, Ed & Al, G
I Shall Call Him Mustang, Ed & Al, G

Halves, Ed/Al, PG-13
Orange-Vanilla, Ed/Al, PG-13

The Interpretation of Dreams, (alt!)Russell/Ed, PG-13

Intention Things, girl!Ed/Winry, PG-13

Favors the Brave, Ling/Al, PG

Underneath, Miles/Hei, PG-13
Thaw, Miles/Hei, PG-13
Do the Math, Miles/Hei, PG-13 [only on Tumblr, because… it's crack \o/]
Should/Might, Miles/Hei, PG
Conditional, Miles/Hei, PG-13
Four Times Alfons Heiderich Put On a Piece of Someone Else's Clothing, Miles/Hei, PG-13
Auspicious, Miles/Hei, PG
The Smart Bet, Miles/Hei, PG

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things [SPN crossover], Roy/Ed, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Al, & Gabriel, PG-13
65% Cocky Bastard, Roy/Ed, Team Mustang, Al, Alfons, PG-13
Two Months and Counting [HP crossover], Roy/Ed, PG-13
The Maestros of Misuse [HP crossover], Roy/Ed with Team Mustang, PG-13
Classifieds, Roy/Al, Miles/Hei, PG-13
Boy, We're Free, Miles/Hei, Roy/Al, PG-13
Sometimes Shit Happens (and It's Not Anybody's Fault, Okay), Miles/Hei, Roy/Al, with extra Ed, PG-13
Ultra-Best-Ever, Miles/Hei, PG-13
The Christmas One, Miles/Hei, Roy/Al, Ed & Lan Fan, PG-13
Tell Me That We'll Always Be Together, Miles/Hei, Roy/Al, Ed & Lan Fan, PG-13

North-North-West, Matt(/Mello/Near) [DN], Axel(/Roxas) [KHII], Master(/Ten) [DW], PG
If at First You Don't Succeed, Matt/Mello with Roy, PG-13
Bouts of Melloncholia, Ed(/Hei), Mello(/Hughes), PG-13


A Continental Christmas, Kyoya/Tamaki, PG

Challenges, Hikaru/Kaoru, PG


Christmas Is Saved [FMA crossover], Dean, Sam, Team Mustang, Ed, & Al, PG-13
Pasts and Pastimes [DW crossover], Dean/Cas, Sam, & Gabriel, PG-13

A 'Merry Little Christmas', Dean/Cas & Sam, PG
Creative License, Dean/Cas & Sam, PG-13


Is Not That Strange?, Nezumi/Shion, PG
Flame Distinctly, Nezumi/Shion, PG-13


With Fries, Lance & Hunk & Pidge with low-key Shiro/Keith, PG



"It hurts when I do this"
"Shadows of self"
"Wine" [Vincent]
"Unity" [Adam and Evan]
"Angels" [Vincent and Maion]
"Beat" [Vincent and Edward]
"Harmony" [Micah and Todd]
"Devil's in the Details"
"Digging" [Nick and Theo]
"Flourish" [Adam and Evan]
"Reap" [Vincent and Maion]
"Aspirations" [Micah and Todd]
"Morning Glory"
"Oil and Vinegar" [Nick and Theo]
"Thousand Island" [Nick and Theo]
"Wings" [Vincent, Maion, and Belial]


Sam and Adrian Index
Messages, Adrian/Sam, PG-13
Saturday Noon, Adrian/Sam, G
Tipsy, Adrian/Sam, PG
Wonders, Adrian/Sam, PG
Stars, Adrian/Sam, PG-13
Cigarettes, Adrian/Sam, PG
[Tomorrow, Adrian/Sam, G]


No Place Like Home
The Truth of It
You Know What They Do
I Like Your Girlfriend [Nick and Theo]
The Homestretch
Too Many Words [Nick and Theo]
Very Civil [Vincent, Maion, and Belial]
The Night Serpent
Sequels [Nick and Theo]
Holy Tea [Vincent and Maion]
Susan Banks and the Anti-Usual
Earpiece-Knife Assassins
Listing [Nick and Theo]
Things Theo Doesn't Know [Nick and Theo]
A Worthy Endeavor
Seeping [Nick and Theo]
Semi-Regular Indulgences [Nick and Theo]
Baby, Don't Make Me Disconnect the Battery of Your Prius [Nick and Theo]
Penance (Sucks) [Vincent and Maion]
Once Upon a Time
Red and White [Vincent]
Not Too Bright [Vincent and Maion]
Walking the Walk [Milo and Dom]
Toast [Milo and Dom]
The Bridegroom: Episode 1 [Vincent, Maion, and Belial]
Winning Valentine's Day [Nick and Theo]
The Bridegroom: Episode 2 [Vincent, Maion, and Belial]
(In)tact [Nick and Theo]
Space in the Cellar [Vincent]
Devious [Vincent and Maion]
The Trappings of Joy [Edward, Vincent, Maion, and Belial]
Something Fishy [Edward and Vincent]
The One Where Maion Makes Pie [Vincent and Maion]
Delicate [Vincent and Belial]
The Bridegroom: Episode 3 [Vincent, Maion, and Belial]
The Bridegroom: Episode 3.5 [Vincent, Maion, and Thompson]
The Burning Ones [Maion, Vincent, Belial, and Edward]
The One Where Vincent Works Too Hard [Vincent and Maion]
Negativity [Maion, Vincent, Edward, and Thompson]
Photophobia (Part 1), [Vincent/Maion and Thompson]
Salvation, [Vincent and Maion]
The Bridegroom: Episode 4 [Vincent, Belial, and Maion]
The Bridegroom: Episode 4.5 [Vincent, Maion, and Belial]
Photophobia (Part 2) [Vincent/Maion]
Photophobia (Part 3) [Vincent/Maion]
Greeks Bearing Gifts [Belial/Maion/Vincent]
Heat [Vincent/Maion]
Almost [Vincent/Maion]
The Delicious Baked Good Is a Lie [Maion, Vincent, and Edward]
In the Light of Day [Vincent/Maion]
It Was a Dark and Reasonably Temperate Night [Vincent/Maion with Edward]
The Bridegroom: Episode 5 [Vincent, Maion, and Belial]
Subtle Devil's Traps and Other Pinterest Crafts [Vincent/Maion, Belial, and Edward jacked up on Supernatural]
Tell Me I'm a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Man [Belial and Vincent]
Take Me Out to a Film [Vincent/Maion, Belial, and Edward jacked up on Supernatural (again!)]

Fics that do not appear on this list because I was too lazy to upload them:

HP: Devil's Advocate
Her and Me
Enigmaticness Abounds
Harry Potter Must Share the Title with Remus Lupin, a collaboration with eltea

DN: Blood-Red, a collaboration with eltea for richelle2972

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