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"Words, Words, Words..."
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Tierfal writes things. Lots of things. Now you can find them all in one place.
ME: tierfal. Lame. Geeky. Weird sense of humor. Shakespeare freak. Discovered fanfic in 2007 and ruined own life. Need a new one; Craigslist, maybe?

YOU: Can subscribe. Can stalk. Are welcome to poke around; will be loved for comments; will receive replies every time most of the time, when I'm not feeling swamped and antisocial, because I'm a horrible person. Should beware anything written in 2008 or earlier. Will hopefully enjoy!

FANDOMS: Harry Potter was my first fling. Death Note was my first love. Merlin and I had a burgeoning romance, and then we drifted apart. Doctor Who and I had great sex for a couple of weeks. Torchwood and I had a fabulous one-night stand. Honeydew Syndrome and I went on a date or two at pizza joints. Kingdom Hearts II and I made out in the back of a bar. Axis Powers Hetalia and I made awkward eye contact on the bus. Glee jumped me in a dark alley and shanked me with a switchblade, only then to run away laughing. Ouran High School Host Club has been sending me "Check 'yes' if you like me back" notes. Fullmetal Alchemist is full-on WOOING me, including serenades at my window. Assorted Original Stuff has finally figured out how to get my attention and accordingly keeps grabbing my ass.

CROSSPOSTING: Occasional. Inconsistent. Mood-based. Generally doused with failsauce. DN: mellomatt, mellomattnear, mero_nia, mattxnear, rxl_fans, lmello, sutenia, mikamiisafruit, dn_yaoi, deathnote_fics. Merlin: merlinarthurfqf, merlinxarthur. Doctor Who: dwfiction, dw_slash, slash_lords, best_enemies, tenxjack. Torchwood: torchwood_fic, jackxianto. Glee: karofsky_hummel. FMA: steelandsparks. SPN: sn_crossovers.

PIMPING: eltea is the most brilliant person I know, and her brilliance gets compiled at duck_diaries. She gives me all my good ideas; this is not an exaggeration. Everyone on my F-list writes awesomeness, so stalk them all thoroughly. For original writing, I highly recommend pulped_fictions.

DETAILS: I love tags, and the tags list is here. I'm always in the process of trying to make them ever more anal and specific. The horror that is the Masterlist of All Things... well, it's horrifying.

RATINGS: G, PG, PG-13, and R, in vague correlation with what you'll see in your local cinema or whatever the case may be. I'm extremely wishy-washy about ratings, however – depending on the basic level of canon, my perceptions change a great deal, and the tone of a fic will often alter a rating regardless of content. Just pay attention to the warnings if you're sensitive to any of the awful things I so enjoy writing about, and we should be all right. :D

GENRE TAGS: It's pretty much what it says on the tin, though much of my work is so confused it ends up with a lot of different tags. Long projects in particular frequently encompass different moods, so over-tagging is not at all unusual. Also, the "Alternate Canon" tag means a fic is AU in the sense that it follows canon up until a given point, then diverges according to my whims while still playing by the rules of the established reality. "Alternate Universe" is literally another dimension, where the characters never encountered canon's main problem, never met the villain, live in a different city, are a different species, etc.

PODFIC AND TRANSLATIONS: Podfics are always welcome! Please do PM me or ask in the comments on a particular fic if you would like to record it – I can almost guarantee that I'll give permission, but I'd at least like to meet you before I lend you use of my baby. :) All I really ask is that you make sure to credit me as the writer and link to the original text if you post your podfics publicly. Right now, I'm in the process of trying to track down previously-done podfics and link to them properly so that I can credit you! Please do throw me a link when you've finished one. Translations are a little trickier – please also PM or comment asking; so much of my writing is wordplay and word sounds and things of that nature that I like to feel I can trust a translator before I give permission. Thank you in advance for your patience and your interest! ♥

SPOILERS: PLEASE limit comments with spoilers – not everyone waits until they're totally caught up to read fic. I generally try to tag posts pretty carefully with spoiler warnings, but for full, finished, established canons (like Death Note and Harry Potter), I tend to assume the reader is all the way through. In the case of more episodic, ongoing series with various twists and developments (I'm thinking Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Merlin), please don't reference anything not covered by the spoiler tag in the header, or I'll have to delete your comment for other readers' sakes. Thank you!

BLANKET DISCLAIMER: If it doesn't say "Original" at the top, the primary characters and settings belong to somebody else. I'm not making any money or any claims of ownership. 'S called fanfiction. And it's fun. :D

LAST THINGS TO KNOW: I ship a hell of a lot of things, I guess because I like messing around with relationships. I'm willing to try most ships once, though there are a few pairings I'm picky about. One thing that drives me utterly insane, however, is people who hate on fictional characters in reviews – I'm actually pretty fond of a lot of the characters who get the most flack, so while you're totally welcome to curse so-and-so to a thousand fiery hells on your own time, please keep the hate away from my work. In that general vein, I'm perfectly open to critique as long as it's respectful, and I'd be happy to discuss anything, fandom or writer-ly or otherwise, that you like.

THIS IS MY FUN PLACE: I hope it can be one of yours, too. ♥

banner and default icon images both from the excellent MangaPark scan of IDEA's doujinshi Traumerei